Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Quick Start Guide to Burn Fat, Avoid Green Coffee Scams, and Reviews of Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Here’s Just a LITTLE of What You’ll Discover: Does green coffee extract really work for weight loss? Can I take green coffee extract with any other medications? What’s the “real” study on green coffee beans extract? How can I avoid green coffee scams? Are there any nasty side effects by taking green coffee beans extract? What are the 30 TOP FAQs about green coffee beans? How do I make green coffee extract at home? Can it help me if I’m a diabetic? Which green coffee capsules should I take? What is the best brand for green coffee capsules? What are the results of Dr. Oz’s “Green Coffee Bean Project” study? Simple, yet effective, fat burning “secrets” that helped Kate Redwine (author) lose 30 pounds in 30 days 5 REAL world testimonies from people who have actually taken the extract Reviews on pure green coffee bean extract capsules Ratings for 4 of the Top Green Coffee Suppliers What green coffee company has a “D” rating from the Better Business Bureau? Where can you purchase green coffee capsules so “your wallet won’t be thinner than your body?” Which company could possibly have “fake” Amazon paid product reviews? And much more… *If you want a sneak peek, please go to http://www.tinyurl.com/greencoffeechapter for Chapter 6: The Top 30 FAQs Answered about Green Coffee Beans.*

Losers Online… How to Spot Daters & Avoid Haters

“Losers Online…How to Spot Daters & Avoid Haters!”

1 out of 5 relationships begin online. Old fashioned dating has disappeared, online dating has now become the new way to meet a bride, groom or find real doom. Getting to know someone to see if or what type of relationship will be forged is tough. This book is filled with the sobering TRUTHS & SECRETS of the dating game. Having over 157 dates from various online dating sites, a twice divorced, Monica Sparks shares powerful secrets, advice and tips to those that are looking to date online or off.
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The Scam of the Screwball Wizards (Bloodhounds, Inc. #10)

Are There Really Such Things as Witches and Wizards?
What's going on in the abandoned theater on the outskirts of Midvale?
Have monsters really invaded Mrs. Tubbs' home?
Is Slobs, the trusted bloodhound, next?
Likeable, easy-going Bear isn't really one for reading (except for the back of cereal boxes), so when he starts plowing through a popular new book series, everyone is pretty impressed and a little shocked. But now he's calling himself "The Phangmaster" and no longer cares about his old friends—and thinks he can cast spells on anyone who gets in his way. It's up to Bloodhounds, Inc., to find out what's going on as Sean, Melissa, and trusted sidekick Jeremiah get to the bottom of the new craze of fantasy books sweeping their town.

Bar Scams Exposed!: How to Spot Thieving Bartenders & Other Tricks of Their Trade

Ever see a bartender take cash from a sale and put it directly into the tips, instead of putting it in the cash register? This book is a first for depicting the 'seedy side' of the bartending business. The book shows, from actual bar spotter reports, the scams that some bartenders use to circumvent the system (register). You will be amazed at what goes on (if you don't already know)! For any bar patron, this book adds to the enjoyment of sitting at a bar and spotting the activities of the bartender with knowledge.

Greenbacks and Scams by Iza Poor

Greenbacks and Scams by Iza Poor is an illustrated journey about the dreams of a retiree, a banker, a charity, and a smooth and slick investor who promises all their dreams will come true. It is an adventurous story of a New York socialite who lost all her money in a New York minute. What? No money! Iza . . . Iza Poor?

Snake Oil! How ‘Make Money Online’ scams work …and how to avoid them

Would you like to make money online?

There are literally thousands of products which promise to help you do just that. But did you know that most of them are nothing more than snake oil? Scams, in other words. Useless schemes and products which promise to cure all ills, but in reality don't achieve anything other than to make money for the snake oil salesman.
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Under Investigation: The Inside Story of the Florida Attorney General’s Investigation of Wilhelmina Scouting Network, the Largest Model and Talent Scam in America

THE WORLD’S LARGEST talent and model scouting company, led by celebrity boy-band promoter Lou Pearlman, recruited over 150,000 members across America from 2000 to 2003. Based in Orlando, Florida, this enterprise operated under many names: Studio 58 Models; WHY Models; eFashionShow.com; emodel.com; Options Talent; Trans Continental Talent; Wilhelmina Scouting Network; and Web Style Network.
It charged upfront fees ranging from $395 to $995 to put an aspiring model’s picture on their website, a service purportedly used by 1000 modeling agencies seeking new talent. “You could be discovered,” their army of talent scouts pitched. “Become a model!” “You have the look!”
Extremely controversial, subject to many local news reports, it also received national attention in Jane, Newsweek, and on Dateline NBC. More than 2000 complaints were filed with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, many with signed and notarized affidavits from consumers who felt they had been scammed. An investigation, led by Assistant Attorney General Jacqueline Dowd, was opened in July 2002.
Everyone expected Attorney General Charlie Crist to act. But he didn’t. Why not? Using previously secret documents obtained through public records requests, Under Investigation takes you inside the Florida Attorney General’s Office to see how the two-year investigation unfolded, and then was ultimately shut down under suspicious circumstances.